About Us

Distillery on the West Coast, CA

Established in 1842
San Francisco, CA

Although recently we have increased our product offering, it is our love for the people, the places, the history and the flavours behind every bottle of whisky and spirit that drives us. We have a passion for the products we sell and for the people that enjoy them, and it’s this shared passion that propels us to offer world-class products and world-class service.

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About Us

In our opinion, whisky is a specialised product and deserves a specialised retail environment

where passion meets production

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We’ve always seen ourselves as part of a larger community of whisky and spirit drinkers that are interested in knowing more about the liquid in their glass.


We are honoured and thankful to do what we love with the support of our customers and the whisky and spirits community at large. If you are an existing customer, thank you for your support it means the world (and our livelihoods) to us. If you are new to us, we hope you will consider using our services when making your next purchase and give us the opportunity to show you our world-class products and service.

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