Hibiki Mellow Harmony

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Distillery Suntory
Whisky Origin Japanese
Single Malt No
Blended Yes
Grain Yes
Alcohol Strength 43%
Bottle Size 70cl
Box Yes
Box Condition Good
Label Condition Good
Shoulder Level Good
Weight 2 Kg


Hibiki Mellow Harmony

‘Hibiki Mellow Harmony’ is built around the Hibiki 17 with the addition of Yamazaki malt and Chita grain whisky that has been matured for over 30 years. Only 4,000 bottles of this limited edition were released. The Hibiki continues to be one of the most popular whiskies from Japan. The name “Hibiki” means harmony in Japanese. The name also symbolizes the unique marriage of malts and harmonious blend of flavors in the whisky. This bottle is a highly limited edition bottling of fantastic Japanese whisky.

Hibiki is a Japanese blend from the whisky giant Suntory. And it is really something special. The malt and grain comes from Suntory’s 3 distilleries and has gained the status as the ultimate Japanese blend. It also received a Gold Editor’s Choice award from Whisky Magazine and conquered the top prize in its category at the World Whisky Awards 2010. The 24-sided bottle represents the 24 Sekki in the Japanese lunar calendar.

This Hibiki is named ‘Mellow Harmony’ to highlight the harmonious blend of the selected specially aged whiskies.

43% ABV / 70cl


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